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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


Claire, Alec and Isabella

Hi there Jasmine, we're looking forward to seeing you. We're really pleased to hear you're holding mummies hand and looking around. well done to mummy and daddy for visiting, sitting with and feeding you, we're really thankful for them and you. Now you get growing and tell mummy to heal quickly. Our prayers are with you all, lots of love xxx


To baby Jasmine. I hope yuo gro big and strong.and i hope Becca dosnot feul to sick. with love from LiLLy.

Erin Norman

Hello Jasmine! I'm your cousin Erin. I like your blog lots so do my Mum & Dad, we read it every night on my Dad's phone.

I don't suppose I'll be allowed to see you for ages, my Gran says I'm too toxic.

We are thinking about you all lots and will come and see you all when we get back.

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