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Sunday, 29 May 2005


Della Jackson

Dear Jasmine,
It is so wonderful to see you doing so well!! You really are doing such a good job training and taking care of your mum and dad, particularly with giving Dad a second go at nappy changing. Make sure you keep those nurses busy as well.
You know, although you may be very small at the moment your mum and dad love you so much that you will grow up to be so beautiful and special that it will make up for your small begining. To think that inside your tiny body is so much potential, enough to change the world!! ... especially mum and dad's.
Keep drinking that milky stuff and wriggling.
Say thank you to mum and dad for letting us all know how you are doing and for all the lovely pictures.
All our prayers and huggs

Phil and Della

Alec, Claire & Izzy

Hiya Jasmine, Alec, Claire & Iz here. Good to hear you're doing well, I suppose there's not much else to do but grow at the moment, but that'll all change very quickly. Iz now crawls all over the place and today nearly stood up on her own, so you'll be there in 9 months. Great photos matey, looking good. Mum and dad should be very proud of you, and you of them. keep growing and be thankful for all the peeps who read there pages and pray. You're a very popular girl with tons of friends already, as are the olds as they say in Australia. Anyhoo, keep up the good work with the breathing, growing and feeding, and we'll come see you sometime. Take care, tons of love, prayers and affection for all of you xxx

Ken Norman

Glad to see that you are keeping your Dad busy. Tell him that Grandma Norman wants to know when we can see a picture of him and you|

All our love,
Grannddad and Grandma Norman

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