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Sunday, 05 June 2005



Well, Jasmine, What an achievement, I wish I only weighed my birth weight! You look really great in your yellow bonnet and pink blanket. You have got lovely eyes.
We are all looking forward to seeing you when you get home, so at the rate you are growing you will soon be out of that new incubator so it won't be long.
Your Mum and Dad are doing so well keeping up with you. I am glad the nurses have sorted out some training for them but I hope they give you a certificate for achieving your birth weight! and for doing so well.
God Bless you, (not so) little Jasmine!!
Love Della


HELLO baby Jasmin
Well done. you doing brillient,soon you will be at home with your mum and dad and that'S When fun will start.All the best.

love Saiqa

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