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Sunday, 17 July 2005


Caroline Osmond

Well Jasmine it is so exciting to see you finally have a routine at home with mum and dad. We are so pleased for you all keep up the growing see you soon! Love Caroline xxx.

Alec Johnson

Wow! You are growing so quickly, it's amazing. It's really good to see that Mum and Dad are not just slumped on the sofa asleep, although on occasion I'm sure they are. I must ask where they've put your ears on the main photo for today, have the gone for cleaning or a hearing test or something?

Anyhoo, well done you three, it just gets better and better from now on.

Alec xxx


Hi, this weeks pics are wonderful, Jasmine looks fabuloso! thanks.

Uncle Andy

Sorry Eryl and I haven't been to see you since you have been at home. I have too much of this nasty work stuff at the moment (you will discover what work is later in life).

Hope to come and see you soon

Uncle Andy xxxx


Jasmine, sorry Uncle Andy's got so much work, it's nothing to do with me, honest.

Erin says she likes your sling and your Mum looks really cool in it.

Erin wants to type now instead of dictate.

mnbnbcn u hgas asdut44h

Apparently that says, "Look after your Mum and Dad.", but I can't vouch for that.

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